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Family Links Service

The Family Links Service provides support for children, young people and families living in the North East of Glasgow who have been affected by substance or alcohol misuse.

Family Links provides support for families based around their individual needs. The service offers practical advice, help to develop skills to better cope with life’s challenges, and supports positive relationships within families. We are committed to supporting each person to achieve their potential.

Support for Parents/ Carers:

  • One to one support, attachment work, routines, housing, benefit advice and maintaining healthy lifestyles

  • Family work

  • Issue based group work

  • Women’s Addiction Recovery Support Group

Support for Children & Young People:

  • One to one emotional support; therapeutic based activities, out-door activities, building confidence & self-esteem, health & wellbeing and promotion of Children’s Rights

  • Issue based group work

  • School break activities and outings

  • RLL Youth Hub (learn more here)

We can take referrals from agencies including; Social Work Services, Community Addiction Teams, Health Visitors, Family Support Groups, Education and 3rd Sector Agencies. We also accept self-referrals.

For further information please contact: 0141-553-0808

Family Development Worker:

Child Development Worker:

Young Person's Development Worker:

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